Cuckoo Clock Alphorn Mechanical 8-Day Clockwork 16.5 Inches

Cuckoo Clock Alphorn Mechanical 8-Day Clockwork 16.5 Inches

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When looking at this wonderful Black Forest cuckoo clock several little details immediateley catch the eye: the dog and the well, the traditional alphorn player as well as the Bavarian flag that also shows King Ludwig II. Moreover the balcony is decorated with edelweiss and the window sill with little colorful flowers. This cuckoo clock is equipped with a mechanical 8-day clockwork and measures 16.5 x 13 inches (incl. pendulum). The cuckoo comes out every full hour to call the number of hours. Every half hour you will hear him once. This original Black Forest cuckoo clock adds a cozy atmosphere to any living room and brings a piece of Black Forest romance to your home. Buyers within Germany receive two years warranty, international buyers one year warranty.


Height x Width
16.5 x 13 inches (incl. pendulum)

mechanical 8-day clockwork

Cuckoo Call
every full hour: number of hours;
every half hour: one call

cuckoo clock with traditional alphorn player