Cuckoo Clock Animal Figures Mechanical 1-Day Movement 14.2 Inches

Cuckoo Clock Animal Figures Mechanical 1-Day Movement 14.2 Inches

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This beautiful original Black Forest cuckoo clock especially delights with the tenderly carved animal figures (rabbit and wolf) to the sides as well as the stately stag head. The leaves and the rifles perfectly complete the overall look of the clock and make it a real eye catcher. The carved 14.2 x 7.5 inches cuckoo clock contains a mechanical 1-day clockwork and must thus be winded up once a day. Every full hour the cuckoo appears and calls the corresponding number of hours. Additionally, its call resounds once every half hour. The clock does not play any songs. Therefore it is suitable for all those who want to bring a piece of Black Forest romance into their home without hearing music every half or full hour. The clock-face equipped with Roman numerals, the elaborately designed animal figures and the beautiful wooden ornaments make this cuckoo clock provide any living room with a special ambiance. With this cuckoo clock there will be a certificate as well as two years warranty in Germany and one year warranty for buyers from abroad.

Height x Width
14.2 x 7.5 inches

mechanical 1-day clockwork

Cuckoo Call
every full hour: number of hours
every half hour: one call

animal figures to the sides, stag head