Cuckoo Clock Birds Mechanical 1-Day Movement 14.5 Inches

Cuckoo Clock Birds Mechanical 1-Day Movement 14.5 Inches

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This beautiful original Black Forest cuckoo clock delights with the elaborately manufactured birds and leaves as well as its especially deep carvings. It is a real eye catcher and provides any living room with a romantic and cozy feel. The carved high-quality 14.5 x 7.9 inches cuckoo clock contains a mechanical 1-day clockwork and must thus be winded up once a day. Apart from the cuckoo this clock is not equipped with any moving parts and it does not play any music, either. Therefore it is ideal for people who want to bring a piece of Black Forest romance into their living room without hearing music every half or full hour. The cuckoo appears every full hour and calls the corresponding number of hours. Additionally, the call resounds once every half hour. With its Roman numerals on the clock-face and the elaborately carved figures and ornaments, this cuckoo clock is an especially beautiful accessory for the own home. Naturally, it is also perfectly suitable as a gift. With the clock you will receive a certificate as well as one year warranty internationally and two years warranty in Germany.

Height x Width
14.5 x 7.9 inches

mechanical 1-day clockwork

Cuckoo Call
every full hour: number of hours
every half hour: one call

birds to the sides
especially deep carvings