Cuckoo Clock Stag Head Mechanical 1-Day Movement 16.5 Inches

Cuckoo Clock Stag Head Mechanical 1-Day Movement 16.5 Inches

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This high-quality manufactured, carved cuckoo clock appears especially classy with the elaborately carved maple leaves and the lovely stag motive and provides any living room with a special feel. The 16.5 x 8.2 inches original Black Forest cuckoo clock contains a mechanical 1-day clockwork to be winded up once a day and comes to your home with a certificate. Every half hour the cuckoo call resounds once and every full hour it calls the corresponding number of hours. Original Black Forest cuckoo clocks are popular souvenirs from Germany, valued among collectors and a great decoration object for all those who want to provide their home with a special feel-good feel. This cuckoo clock is a real eye catcher guaranteed to attract all the looks of your guests. With this original Black Forest cuckoo clock captivating by its extraordinary quality and tenderly carved details, you bring a really special accessory home with you. Clients buying this clock will receive one year warranty international and two years warranty in Germany.

Height x Width
16.5 x 8.2 inches

mechanical 1-day clockwork

Cuckoo Call
every full hour: number of hours
every half hour: one call

maple leaves and stag head