Swing Clock Edelweiss Mechanical 1-Day Movement 6.7 Inches

Swing Clock Edelweiss Mechanical 1-Day Movement 6.7 Inches

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This lovely swing clock is hand-colored with edelweiss and has an elaborately carved wooden case. The cute cuckoo on the roof strikes the eye immediately and gives this clock its look which recalls the popular cuckoo clocks. The clock is 6.7 x 3.9 inches big with pendulum and fits into any living room to give a special and really cozy feel. Of course it is also perfectly suitable as small, special gift and souvenir. The swing clock contains a mechanical 1-day clockwork und must thus be winded up once a day. Manufactured manually and with lots of love for detail, the clock is a great accessory that provides any living room with that certain something. If you do not want to purchase a real cuckoo clock you can bring a piece of Black Forest romance into your home with this swing clock. It is a real eye catcher that is guaranteed to immediately attract the looks of guests. The valuably manufactured clock brings nostalgia, romance and gemutlichkeit into the living room.

Height x Width
6.7 x 3.9 inches

mechanical 1-day clockwork

hand-colored with edelweiss
elaborately carved wooden casennn