Cuckoo Clock Beer Garden Quartz Movement 16.1 Inches

Cuckoo Clock Beer Garden Quartz Movement 16.1 Inches

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This cuckoo clock – the beer garden clock – with its light and friendly case is a real eye-catcher. The beautifully crafted figures such as the accordion player, the waitress and the little well immediately catch the eye as well. The clock measures 16.1 x 10.6 inches (incl. pendulum) and is equipped with a quartz movement that works with three batteries type C R 14. Every full hour the cuckoo calls the number of hours. Afterwards you will hear one of twelve lovely melodies and the dancers on the balcony begin to spin. If you wish you can also turn off the music and/or the cuckoo call. A light sensor ensures the automatic nightly switch-off. This cuckoo clock adds a cozy atmosphere to any living room and is a real gem. With this clock you can either make yourself a nice gift or you can make a loved one happy by giving it to them.

Height x Width
16.1 x 10.6 inches (incl. pendulum)

quartz movement (battery type 3 x C (R14))

Cuckoo Call
cuckoo calls number of hours
different melody every full hour
music: on/off
night switch-off through light sensor

beer garden clock
spinning figures on the balcony