Cuckoo Clock Beer Tavern Quartz Movement 14.6 Inches

Cuckoo Clock Beer Tavern Quartz Movement 14.6 Inches

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This cuckoo clock in the style of a Bavarian beer tavern with its impressive terrace on the left side is a very special piece. Other beautiful details such as the alphorn blower and the case that is decorated with edelweiss add to the harmonious picture. The clock measures 14.6 x 15.7 inches (incl. pendulum) and is equipped with a quartz movement that works with three batteries type C R14. Every full hour – after each cuckoo call – you can hear one of twelve lovely melodies and the waitress with the beer steins rotates around the table on the terrace. The waterwheel also turns to the music. If you wish you can turn off the music and/or the cuckoo separately or altogether. Moreover this cuckoo clock features a light sensor that ensures an automatic nighttime switch-off. With this clock a romantic and cozy ambiance in any living room is guaranteed!

Height x Width
14.6 x 15.7 inches (incl. pendulum)

quartz movement (battery type 3 x C (R14))

Cuckoo Call
cuckoo calls number of hours
different melody every full hour
call setting: loud, low, off
night switch-off through light sensor

beer tavern style
waitress with beer steins spins around table
waterwheel turns while music plays