Cuckoo Clock Heidi House Quartz Movement 15.7 Inches

Cuckoo Clock Heidi House Quartz Movement 15.7 Inches

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This cuckoo clock – the Heidi House – is reminiscent of the world-famous story by Johanna Spyri and delights through its lovely design. To the left you see Heidi's grandfather with his dog and to the right there's Heidi with Peter and one of his goats. The beautiful case is decorated with hearts, stars and a little edelweiss. This clock measures 15.7 x 9.8 inches (incl. pendulum) and is equipped with a quartz movement that works with three batteries type C R14. Every full hour the cuckoo comes out and calls the number of hours. Afterwards you can hear one of twelve melodies. If you wish you can turn of the music and/or the cuckoo. A light sensor takes care of the automatic nightly switch-off. Wether you make someone else or yourself a gift: Our Heidi House creates a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere in any living room!

Height x Width
15.7 x 9.8 inches (incl. pendulum)

quartz movement (battery type 3 x C (R14))

Cuckoo Call
cuckoo calls number of hours
different melody every full hour
music: off
music & cuckoo: off
night switch-off through light sensor

Heidi house