Swing Clock Five Leaves Quartz Movement 12.2 Inches

Swing Clock Five Leaves Quartz Movement 12.2 Inches

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This beautiful swing clock delights with its elaborate carvings on the wooden case and the spinning dancing figures on the balcony. The leaves that were designed with much artisanal skill and the impressive cuckoo on the roof make this clock something special. The Roman numerals on the clock-face and the clock-hands are very beautiful. The 12.2 x 6.7 inches swing clock is a great accessory that brings pure coziness into the living room. It contains a modern quartz movement and the dancing figures spin permanently. The clock is perfect for those who want the romantic and cozy impact of a cuckoo clock without hearing the striking call of the cute bird every half or full hour. Of course it is also suitable as a special gift that is guaranteed to be well received, or as a souvenir. Anyway, this lovely swing clock is a real eye catcher that provides any living room with a special feel. The clock is driven by a battery type AA.

Height x Width
12.2 x 6.7 inches

quartz movement (battery type 1 x AA)

spinning dancing figures on the balcony