Swing Clock Musicians Quartz Movement 8.6 Inches

Swing Clock Musicians Quartz Movement 8.6 Inches

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This high-quality swing clock delights with its beautiful wooden case, the tenderly designed musicians and the cute bird over the clock-face. This clock provides any living room with an especially cozy and romantic feel. It recalls the original Black Forest cuckoo clock that is very popular domestically as well as abroad and is considered a symbol for our country everywhere in the world. Correspondingly, the call of the cuckoo which calls the number of hours resounds from this clock every full hour. A call shutoff between 10 pm and 6 am is available. The 8.6 x 6.3 inches swing clock contains a modern quartz movement and is driven by a battery type AA. With this lovely and elaborately designed clock you bring a great accessory into your home. Of course the clock is also perfectly suitable as an extraordinary gift for special people. Anyway, this swing clock attracts all the looks quickly and creates a cozy feel.

Height x Width
8.6 x 6.3 inches

quartz movement (battery type 1 x AA)

Cuckoo Call
cuckoo calls number of hours
call switch-off between 10 pm - 6 am

with musicians
swinging bird above clock-face